A Hudson Valley Bride asks,“I have found that wedding gown of my dreams and now I need to find the perfect veil. I’m not sure how or where to do that. Can you help?”

Dear Hudson Valley Bride, You’re right to be thinking about the veil as a part of your total bridal attire picture. Typically, you’d be picking the veil at the same shop where you purchased your wedding gown. Bridal shop owners have had lots of experience and are more than happy to work with “their” brides. If price is an issue, then you do best by picking a veil “off the rack” and, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, there are bridal shops that will customize a veil to match your dress. We spoke to Tina at Lady Grey Bridal in Beacon, who has been selling bridal attire for 28 years. Tina explained that in her shop, the veil is customized to match the dress. In Tina’s words, customization means “matching the beading, lace, fabric, and style.” She added that “customizing a veil is more expensive, and starts at $300.” “But,” she added, “it makes a big difference in the overall look.” The process begins when Tina asks the bride, several questions. She inquires as to whether the bride has something in particular in mind. She asks the bride about her budget and whether she will wear her veil for the ceremony only, or she’ll wear it throughout the reception. Finally, she asks the bride how she will be wearing her hair on her wedding day. Then Tina goes shopping and visits with her wedding veil vendors, from whom she will pick up the four or five different veils, which ultimately will be customized for the bride. Next, she sets a separate appointment with the bride exclusively on the veil. Tina then customizes the veil, as appropriate, and sets up another appointment for the bride to try on her veil along with her gown.

If you’re interested in finding out the different kinds of wedding veil styles, please see the Wedding Guide article entitled “To Top It All Off, Your Bridal Headpiece

You stand to be most successful when you work with professionals and let them advise you. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal preferences. It just means that you can make your final decision based on as much information as you can get. Last but not least, remember to have a good time and enjoy every moment of the process.