Hudson Valley WeddingsAny bride who has been fortunate enough to have a wedding planner working with her knows what a pleasure it is and how it works to significantly reduce the stress in planning a special event. Planners are experienced professionals who bring what they have learned to the table. (You can browse a list of terrific Wedding Planners right here on Hudson Valley Weddings.)

A survey of wedding planners came up with a “must know list.” The purpose of this list is to educate prospective bridal couple clients; the bridal party and the families as to what a wedding planner can and cannot do, will and will not do.

If you are thinking of hiring an event planner, then these tips will help you understand what and what not to expect from your planner.

Wedding Planners Are NOT Control Freaks

Most planners want couples to make their own decisions. The best results come from your planner working with you. Your planner will make suggestions and comment on your ideas and your wish list. Collaboration will result in a wedding that is a reflection of what you envision that your planner can facilitate. Meetings with your planner will run much more smoothly if they are one on one (the bride and the planner). If your groom or your mother insists on being a part of every meeting with your planner, try to discourage them. Too much input and too many ideas make for a stressful consultation.

Unfortunately, some couples are what planner refer to as “know it all’s.”  These are couples who have hired a planner, but aren’t really interested in advice or assistance. What it seems these couples wants is to show the planner that she or he is really not needed. That boils down to frustration on the planner’s side and a waste of money on the part of the bridal couple. Couples should think about what they expect from a planner and if the couple is totally inflexible, perhaps having a planner is not a good idea.

What To Expect From Your Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are very careful about spelling out the details of their contract with a couple. It’s important for the couple to know what they want in a planner and what the planner will and will not do. In that way there are no hard feelings. In working with a planner, it’s important for personalities to be in sync. It’s for this reason that before deciding to hire a planner, it’s a good idea for the couple to interview several planners in order to make sure that they and the planner is a good match. That will make for the most productive relationship.

One of the things that it behooves you to understand is that the planner is a paid professional, not your friend. It’s not the consultant’s job to listen to the details of your family issues, or problems that you are having with your attendants, or a disagreement you’re having with your mom. Unfortunately, badly behaved brides feel that it’s appropriate to call a planner at any hour of the day or night to discuss what really is a personal matter having nothing to do with the planner’s role. Be fair to your planner and you will get the best of what he or she can give.