The key to any successful event is planning. It is wise to follow the “better safe than sorry” adage, and the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared.” Mix the two and the likelihood is that your wedding will come off without any glitches, and perhaps, even more important, should there be an “oh-oh,” you’ll have it covered. 

It behooves every bride (maid, or matron of honor) to assemble a “Bride’s Emergency Kit.” It should be brought to wherever the bride and her attendants will be dressing, so it will be easily and readily accessible to whoever might need it (moms, bride, or maids). An additional kit may be assembled for the ladies’ powder room at the reception site. Your guests will love you for it! Use your imagination in putting the kit together and consider the following list a good beginning. 

1. Here’s to Your Health: antacid, antihistamine, cold remedy, nasal spray, tweezers, any prescription medications, aspirin, Tylenol, Band-Aids, sucking candies (e.g., small mints), sun screen, breath mints, dental floss, Tums or other antacid/upset stomach aid, smelling salts, sanitary aids such as tampons and pads, alcohol pads or hydrogen peroxide, eye drops (takes the red away), power/granola bars, snacks, bottled water

2. Here’s To Your Good Looks: talcum/dusting powder, hand lotion, handi-wipes or towlettes, tissues, cotton pads, makeup remover pads, bobby & hair pins, makeup, baby powder or chalk (to cover spills on your wedding gown), lint remover, deodorant/antiperspirant, perfume and cologne, nail polish, polish remover pads or dip jar, emery board, small hand towel, plastic shoulder/dress cover (for use while applying makeup), hair dryer, hair gel, hair spray, hair brush & comb, water mister, barrettes/clips/bobby pins, toothbrush and toothpaste, a large pillow case/cover to slip over your head when you put on your dress)

3. Don’t You Look Smart: clear nail polish to stop runs in hose, ‘throwaway’ garter, earring backs, extra buttons, extra studs (for his tux), flat shoes/ ballet slippers (for dancing the night away), travel iron, extra pantyhose, safety pins and a sewing kit with thread the color of bride’s, attendants’ and moms’ dresses, super glue (for quick fixes), masking/sewing tape or hem tape (great to hold up ripped hems), scissors, spot remover, anti-stratic/wrinkle out spray (rubbing a fabric softener sheet works well), drinking straw (to keep lipstick from smudging)

4. And All That Good Stuff: extra copies of the directions to your reception, cell phone and/or beeper/pager, phone numbers of all your wedding professionals and your important personal ones, a portable flashlight, spare hat pins (just in case for corsages), some cash, a credit card, coins, snacks (power bar, crackers, candy, etc. for a pick-me-up), duct tape (works to repair almost anything), “to-do list” for your attendants, processional order (just as a reminder for those in your wedding party), note pad and pen(s), your wedding journal (if you’re keeping one), a throwaway camera (to take your own, personal wedding candids)

This sounds like a fairly extensive list, but, for the most part, these are items that you will have around the house, anyway. So, it shouldn’t take too long to assemble them. A fishing tackle box is a great way to store the items, so they can be retrieved quickly. Probably you won’t need any of the emergency items, but won’t it be nice, just in case!