A group of items that certainly cannot be overlooked in setting a budget for your wedding are the gifts you will give to your attendants. If you are fortunate enough to have had friends and family from whom to choose, who you care about and who happily and proudly agreed to be in your wedding party, then surely you will want to thank them in as special a way as possible. These are the very people who will pay special attention to you and see to it that your day is as perfect and stress-free as it can possibly be. 

The tradition of buying gifts for the wedding attendants is an ancient one, which dates back to the times when Egyptian noblewomen presented precious metals and gems to their ladies-in-waiting. Today, as an extension of that tradition, jewelry remains a popular gift. Because it is available in a wide range of prices and styles, it is fairly easy, while staying within your budget, to find gifts that fit the personalities of your honor attendants. 

There are any number of jewelry items which are especially appropriate gifts for your bridal attendants. Just a few of the many available choices are sterling silver bangle or charm bracelets, colored gemstone drop earring, single pearl or 14kt hoop earrings, spaced cultured pearl “floaters” and cultured pearl necklaces. 

Jewelry works equally well for the groom’s attendants. Choose from sport watches, sterling silver cuff links, tie bars or tie tacks. More “practical” gifts like money clips, fountain or ball point pens are good, too. 

The maid of honor and the best man usually receives a gift that is a little “extra” for all their hard work with your wedding. 

When selecting your gifts, take the extra time that will allow you to match the gift to the recipient. If you know the person well, you should also know what he or she likes to do. Free time related gifts are especially thoughtful. A gift, at its best, should be something that the individual might not purchase for him or herself or, it should have some sentimental quality which will remind the recipient of your wedding. An engraved pair of champagne flutes, a date engraved letter opener or pen, are just a few gifts which can be personalized and act as reminders of your special day. 

The process of choosing attendant gifts is one in which brides and grooms have begun to use their own imaginations and creativity and have begun to create new traditions. In lieu of the more typical gift, a gift certificate for dinner or to a special shop, a small floral arrangement sent home or to the office, or an invitation to dinner where the couple picks up the tab, may be really appreciated.

It really is the degree of thought that goes into the selection that will make the greatest impression on the attendants who receive the gifts.