Planning a wedding is an emotional, financial and physical strain, even though it is an exciting joyous time. The events which consumed hours and hours of your time and were the subjects of much of your thoughts, as if suddenly, disappear. It is this combination of feelings that creates a tremendous letdown, sometimes called an “anticlimax,” once the wedding is over. 

One of the best ways to keep you in the moment and maintain that special-event-feeling is to immediately begin planning for another special event. Whether you look ahead toward a small party for close friends, participate in planning a friend or family member’s wedding, or even consider a renewal ceremony for yourself, it is the act of being involved that is a terrific cure for those blues. 

Consider all the experience and organizational skills you have developed and honed over months and months. Put them to use by offering them to a friend or loved one. Your advice can prove a truly wonderful gift to someone about to embark on the path you have just traveled. While we’re on the subject of sharing your wedding, consider designing a simple web site on which you can share photos, wedding-related potpourri and, if you’d like, some “words of wisdom” to others.

Continue the togetherness that is a core factor in a wedding and use that feeling to bring friends and/or family together to share those special moments by reviewing them. Put on the wedding video, order a pizza and relive the joy with people you care about and who care about you. Plan an informal get-together for friends, a large party, a family reunion or even a corporate event. These are a number of good ways to help with your wedding withdrawal symptoms. Connecting to other people, as you will remember, is a big part of planning a wedding. Keep those warm and wonderful personal interactions going; keep in touch with friends and family members by planning for one or more “functions.” Make entertaining a regular party of your new lives together and fill the empty spaces which may be especially apparent right after your wedding celebration.

Look forward to your future together and, hopefully, the many happy events you will share, of which your wedding was a glorious beginning.