This wedding shower activity is an enjoyable craft activity which “creates” lovely memories. Each of the shower guests is asked to design one quilt square that reflects the theme of love. The shower hostess will need to have materials available. Ribbon, fabric glue, buttons, fabric paint, and sequence are just a few examples. The hostess, may, of course, use her imagination to decide what other things to have available. If there is a limiting budget, an alternative is to ask each guest to bring her own materials. 

As each guest completes her square, she is asked to sign it. After the shower, the hostess makes the squares into a quilt, using the wedding colors as the bordering fabric. The quilt is presented to the couple on their wedding day, as a gift from all who attended the shower. The quilt does not have to be a piece of art, just a gift of love, one that the bride will have, and no doubt, cherish forever.