Planning a wedding involves months of work and a long list of tasks which needed to be completed. Regardless of how capable the bride and her mother may be, there are times when a helping hand would prove invaluable.

The rule of thumb is “Don’t be afraid to ask.” Especially friends and family who have previously been involved in planning a wedding, people who care about you will be pleased to help. There is a long list of responsibilities and tasks that can be delegated to others without your losing control of the overall plan. It will be your job to make a list and match the tasks to people for whom the task won’t prove daunting.

Once your list is completed, it’s time to make the calls. Be gracious. Explain that you will understand being turned down and explain that you’d rather a “no” up front than an uncompleted assignment later. It’s a good idea to give the assignee a date-of-completion and to check up every so often to make sure there are no glitches. Remember to be specific when handing out assignments and to make certain that the task and its details are understood. You know best what kind of a wedding you are having, so you are the best judge of what to include in your list.

This list can serve as a beginning point for you:

  1. After-wedding cleanup
  2. Airport pickup and drop off of guests
  3. Babysitting and entertainment of children at the ceremony and reception venues
  4. Baking the cake
  5. Chairs and tables setup
  6. Checking on restroom baskets, religious items, seat reservation cards, etc.
  7. Delivery of gifts to the couple’s home
  8. Delivery of guest baskets to the hotels
  9. Deposit of gift checks in the bank
  10. Special transportation (vintage cars, etc.)
  11. Confirmation and “on schedule calls
  12. Collection of disposable cameras
  13. Babysitting the couple’s children during the honeymoon
  14. House-sitting during your honeymoon
  15. Pet-sitting during your honeymoon
  16. Distribution of party favors
  17. Guest pickup at the house of worship or ceremony and drop off at the reception venue
  18. Guest pick up from and drop off at hotels
  19. Party decoration
  20. Preparation of party favors
  21. Invitation hand or computer calligraphy
  22. Food preparation
  23. Returning rentals (tuxedos, chairs, tables, etc.)
  24. Serving of food
  25. Preparation of desserts

Asking for help is not an admission of inadequacy. Instead it is a way to ease the burden on yourself and including family and friends in your special day.