More often than not, today’s prospective bride either comes with her fiancĂ© to shop for an engagement ring, or gives him input into what she would like. Many couples agree that a ring that a bride will wear forever should be in a style that she likes and should fit her lifestyle so they have no problem shopping together for this once-in-a-lifetime purchase. In order for the groom to stay within his budget, he can visit his local jeweler and explain his monetary parameters. In that way, when he and his bride come in to shop, there won’t be the embarrassment of his having to say, “That’s too expensive.”

Whether you will follow tradition, or shop together, you may be interested to know what’s in style for 2013. Keep in mind that this is just a guide and it’s more important for you to buy what you like than to follow a trend.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Both sophisticated and glamorous, black diamond engagement rings will be on the favorites list this year. Your jeweler can show you black diamond rings in any number of different styles that include a vintage design, halo design, or a ring that has a very contemporary cut and look. Black diamonds can also be set in a band that includes intricate detailing and engravings. This trend is a popular, non-traditional alternative to a white diamond ring.

Antique Engagement Rings
If you like a vintage look and don’t have a family heirloom that can be made to fit, you can opt for a vintage-style engagement ring. Typically such a ring will be more elaborate than a Tiffany setting and often include pave-set diamonds, milgrain detailing, and engraved designs. This type of ring looks best in platinum or white gold and will emulate the appearance of a family heirloom. Vintage engagement rings never fall from favor, so they’re a safe-bet purchase.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings
This classic style continues to be a top seller this year. The emerald cut engagement rings focuses the eye on the singe stone and is usually accompanied a pave diamonds wedding band, or by several bands that support the large diamond in the center. Whether you pick a diamond or other center stone, this setting trend will be a knockout look.

Princess-cut Diamonds
This cut continues to be popular. It’s a good choice when working with a tight budget because this cut takes rough diamonds and conserves the carat weight with little shaping required. That means that you get the most out of the stone for the best price point.

Halo and Double Halo Settings
This engagement ring style includes a circle of smaller diamonds that encircle the center diamond. This design makes the ring appear larger than it really is and only upon close examination can the combination of stones be perceived.

Rings with Intricate Bands
In this style, the center stone is enhanced with its bands and side view. This style consists of an elaborate, intricate design made with pave diamonds, filigree engraving or a bezel set. These are designed to draw attention to the ring with twists and turns of the carved metal. This style is especially good for diamonds on the smaller side.

Color and More Color
Traditionally a diamond ring is the choice of brides, but modern brides are also considering colored stones in lieu of or in addition to white diamonds. Adding rubies, blue sapphires, canary yellow, cognac and champagne diamonds are becoming a popular choice for the bride who wants to achieve a more modern look.

Whether you want to stay with tried and true traditional styles or venture into new trends, your engagement ring will be your singular most important piece of jewelry. It’s important to make this decision carefully and to work with a respected jewelry store where you can see a variety of choices and where you will be confident that you are getting good service, good pricing and support after you have made your purchase.