Let Them Eat (Cup)Cake | Hudson Valley Weddings

Many recent brides have “discovered” and used cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake, so you may have already attended a wedding where the bridal couple have chosen a traditional multi-tiered cupcake tower. These memorable displays can be as elaborate as you would like. The cupcake tower can be embellished with flower frosting and fondant designs and, of course, the cupcakes can be all of one flavor, or if you’re adventuresome, the cupcakes can incorporate many different flavors. In the hands of an expert baker, cupcakes can be made to show off their versatility in a range of wedding styles, from formal to fanciful. They can be made to be a wonderful way to reflect the personalities of the bridal couple.

Mini Cupcakes for a Midnight Wedding Buffet

After guests have been dancing the night away, they are sure to get a little hungry, and need a little fuel to keep the party going. If you are planning on a midnight buffet of small bite-sized snacks (passed mini burgers and grilled cheese) for your guests, mini cupcakes are a perfect addition for something sweet! Pick a ton of different flavors and either have the wait staff serve them on cocktail trays to guests on the dance floor or arrange them on a small buffet table spelling out your monogram or your wedding date or another sweet message!

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors

Cupcakes are a delicious and elegant way to thank wedding guests for celebrating your special day. For a personal touch, the bride and groom’s favorite flavor can be decorated with fondant pieces designed with their initials or new monogram and their wedding date, and then individually boxed and gift-wrapped for each guest with a thank you note. Alternatively, if your budget allows, create a custom assortment of mini cupcakes of different flavors, gift-wrapped for each guest to enjoy.

There are also other ways to include “adaptable” cupcakes in your wedding plans.

Mini Cupcakes as Place Cards

Replace the traditional numbered place card by giving each table its own cupcake flavor. Have your baker create mini-cupcakes onto which you attach the guests’ name cards with a frilly toothpick. A different flavor will correspond to a different table and each of your guests will match cupcake flavor to the corresponding table flavor. Make sure that the cupcake flavors are very easy to identify. The “challenge” is a great way to begin a flavorful evening of fun. It’s a great conversation starter and a sweet welcome treat for your guests. This concept works well at a reception or at any other wedding-related event where there are table assignments.

Cupcakes at Your Bridal Shower

There have been books written about all the different games and activities that work well at a shower. Cupcakes offer something new and unique. The traditional candy bar or dessert buffet can be replaced by a cupcake bar that allows the guests to personalize their individual cupcakes choosing from several different flavors of frosting and many colorful cake decorations.

The hostess can make the cupcake decorating activity into a contest amongst the guests, awarding prizes in several categories: most artistic, most unusual, and most tasty. If the hostess is looking for a shower favor for the guests, she can continue the theme by giving each guest a cupcake-themed apron that can be worn during the cupcake decorating activity.

Cupcakes at the Bachelorette Party

Cocktails are a staple at bachelorette parties and the cupcake can be used to offer a dessert cocktail with a twist. The cupcakes can be “laced” with champagne and layered into champagne flutes or martini glasses. The cocktail dessert can be finished with a fresh strawberries, chocolate ganache, and/or champagne buttercream frosting. What a sweet way to bring a new element to the party and to toast the bride-to-be!

Cupcakes can also be incorporated into the decoration theme of the bachelorette party by using a variety of fun fondants in the party colors. Is the party theme pink? Cupcakes with bright bubblegum pink buttercream, hot pink crystallized sugar, a tiny fondant high-fashion stiletto placed in a martini glass will bring the color of choice into the décor.

Cupcakes for Destination Wedding Themes

Cupcakes can help you “open” your event by welcoming your guests many of whom are coming from a distance. Put a box of cupcakes in each of their hotel rooms. Include a personalized note and weekend itinerary in order to welcome your guests to what you hope for them will be a sweet weekend. Cupcakes so easily lend themselves to décor theme. If yours, for example, is a beach-themed event, have your cupcakes baked in tropical flavors such as coconut, key lime, and mango. Include a beach-theme decoration such as a flip-flop fondant and to “set” the theme. For a winter wedding, use more wintery holiday flavors like gingerbread and chocolate peppermint, decorated with snowflake fondants.

In whatever way you decide to integrate cupcakes into your wedding planning, they will surely make a hit among your guests. Enjoy!