The feeling of wanting somehow to keep alive your very special day is one shared my most young couples. There are the traditional ways of preserving your wedding day, such as photography and videography and, hopefully, your budget will allow one or both of these options. There are also some creative ways in which you can keep the memories alive.

Here are just a few: 

1. Have your wedding gown preserve professionally and add a special touch by including a photo of yourself wearing the gown and some personal notes which describe your experiences buying the gown and your feelings wearing it. 

2. Use your Toasting Glasses to make a toast at every one of your wedding anniversaries. Put the date of the anniversary (in pen) on the cork. Keep the corks in the Toasting Glasses, prominently displayed or put away with your personal memorabilia. 

3. Make a list before your wedding of some of your favorite songs, some of the tunes which have special meaning for the two of you. It will be fun in years to come to reminiscent and to remember the songs which were popular on your wedding day and those which had particular significance to you. 

4. Keep your Wedding Purse and turn it into a sachet for your lingerie drawer or closet. Fill the sachet with some petals from your bouquet and cotton balls soaked in your favorite perfume. 

5. Reuse your Wedding Cake Knife on special occasions for cake cutting, such as a child’s first birthday or your anniversaries. 

6. Your Wedding Handkerchief can be recycled and made into a baby bonnet for your first child or G-d child. 

7. Keep your Wedding Schedule and Planner as a keepsake. You’ll find that friends and family for planning a wedding will be delighted if you share your planner with them. Your personal notes and comments will be especially valuable and treasured to those who are close to you. 

8. A Wedding Guest Book with notes from those who attended your wedding will be one of your cherished possessions. Expand the traditional use of the guest book by asking your guests to include well wishes, advice and warm thoughts. 

9. Most brides traditionally dry their Wedding Bouquet. If you are artistically inclined, you might choose instead to create a pressed pedal art picture which can be framed in your home. Check your library for instructions on how to create pedal art. Yet another option is to dry your bouquet and then to remove the petals to be placed in several containers throughout your home. Your Toasting Glasses, for example, may be a place to keep your petals. 

10. A Wedding Journal is the most personal and complete way of saving your memories of the very special time before, during and after your wedding. The more detailed the journal, the more fun it will be to read it in the future. What a delicious thing to share on your anniversaries. High-tech brides keep their journals on computers and store them for safe keeping on CD-ROMs or film them on video. 

11. The Wedding Web Site is not only away for you to share photos with friends and family in far off places, but also a way for you to keep wedding memories alive. Store the Web Site, or Web pages on the disk or CD-ROM to share in the future. 

Choose to be creative and innovative so that you cannot only pick from the memory makers above, but can develop some of your own as well.