Open Bar, Cash Bar or No Bar?

Every bride wants to make sure that the guests at her wedding have a wonderful time. But there’s one issue that keeps coming around, particularly when times are tough. That’s the issue of whether a wedding reception must have alcohol served. The alcohol options are to serve no alcoholic beverage, to serve beer and wine only, to have a limited full bar (closing the bar early), to have a full unlimited open bar, to serve wine and beer only at a cash bar, or to have a full cash bar.

CNN did an online survey recently that evoked much more of a response than they expected. More than 37,000 people cast votes and 330 commented. Here are the results of the poll.

QUESTION: Are you irked if there isn’t an open bar at a wedding reception?

Beer and wine are fine, so long as they keep flowing freely – 38%
A full, open bar is a must, but I understand if that’s too pricey. Cash bar is fine – 23%
I get annoyed if there isn’t a full, open bar. No excuse for that – 15%
Dry weddings are just fine with me – 8%
I don’t mind paying for beer and wine – 8%
No booze, no me – 5%
A dry wedding is a pain, but I’ll deal – 3%

From the survey, it looks like alcoholic beverages are important to a majority of people. But, keep in mind that as the host of your party, the decision lies with you. Know your crowd, be mindful of your budget, and do what you think is best.