As a bride to be you should consider your headpiece as carefully as you consider any other wedding day accessory and choose it as carefully as you do your wedding gown. It is, after all, your crowning glory. Not only should your headpiece bring out your best facial features, but it should also complement your gown’s styling, taking into consideration the fabric, the neckline and the gown’s overall proportions. It’s the bridal headpiece which, more than anything, will draw attention to your glowing face! There are several basic options for a bridal headpiece. 1. Tiara: This option is probably the most dramatic and has evolved into several wearable variations. The tiara is an elegant way for brides to complement a simple sheath gown, or a Cinderella-like ball gown style. The tiara can be worn alone, or with an added veil, which by being removable, offers added versatility. Tiaras offer the ultimate sophisticated accent and work particularly well with bare bridal gown styles. The tiara is most often accented with pearls, crystal and rhinestone variations. It can be worn with the hair swept up as well as atop a short cropped haircut. 2. Crown: The crown is the most traditional of all the headpiece options. It can be fashioned with pearl and/or crystal detailing. Should the bride choose to do so, a pouf in the back allows her to wear her hair up, with cascading curls that create a fullness atop her head. 3. Back Piece: This versatile option allows the bride to choose a hairstyle that is either simple, or elaborate. A low bun, a French twist, hair hanging down, or brushed away from the face are all excellent looks which can be worn with the back piece. 4. Headband: The headband is an option that works especially well for the bride who wants to wear her hair pulled back, or hanging down. The headband functions to keep hair off the bride’s face and yet allows it to cascade down her back. 5. Bun Wrap: The bun wrap is the best option if the bride wants to keep attention focused on her face. A bride may wear her hair completely pulled back from her face and then wrapped into a bun which in turn, is tucked through the headpiece. This option adds a dramatic look by setting off a long, elegant neck and high cheek bones. 6. Waterfall: This simple yet elegant style can be worn with almost any style gown. The waterfall effect is created by attaching a veil to a comb worn high atop the head, or beneath the bun in back. The term “waterfall” is derived from the drape of sheer fabric that frames of the face. This headpiece option allows for additional convenience when the long veil is removed after the ceremony. With so many options and so much versatility, a bride can find just the right headpiece, and the look is complete!