As a newly engaged you may enjoy seeing what are expected to be the hot trends in 2014. Whether you go with traditional, renew an old favorite, or you mix and match, here to help you are the trends as collected from various wedding planners, brides, magazines and newspaper articles.

Let’s start with color. Blue, especially navy blue, and royal blue are the hot wedding colors for 2014. Combinations of various shades of blue will be very popular and are predicted to include everything from dark navy blue to turquoise blue. Gray is a surprise for 2014. In part it’s popular because of how easy it is to pair with other colors. Water colors (i.e., blues, aqua, and greens) and other bright colors will also be hot. For accent colors coral will take center stage. We’ll also see lots of dark purples and plums in bridesmaids’ dresses, table deco and flowers. Citrus colors such as cool reds, warm yellows and oranges will be used in wedding attire as well as for table and reception room décor.

It’s no so surprise that what interests new brides the most is what’s hot in wedding attire for 2014. All-over beaded simple wedding gowns and column gowns will be hot. The sophisticated, flirty look lends itself really well to a cocktail style wedding. Halter necks, lace sleeves, gold gowns and embellishments, vintage look (carried over into opulent décor) are “in” for 2014. To incorporate the vintage theme, some event planners will rent several accent pieces of vintage furniture to sprinkle around at the wedding venue. Just two or three statement pieces (yes, kind of like jewelry!) are all that are needed to enhance the effect. The 1920’s deco style that includes the use of dramatic veils, cap sleeve, fur wraps, hair embellishments, and shades of gold will be picked up by 2014 brides. We’ll also see gowns with dramatic backs, sleek silhouettes, and form-hugging fabrics.

In contrast, several top wedding gown designers are following a minimalist look that’s sleek and modern, with hardly any embellishments. This look is often carried out by using lots and lots of silk. A WOW accessory is the only item that veers from the look. Some wedding gown designers will bring a rustic look to the table, so brides will also find gowns containing floral accents and vines, flower crowns and the use natural fiber, wood and ferns in the décor.

To accent your look, the hot items in makeup are pink lipstick and cat’s eye liner. The traditional updo will stay around, but braids, once thought to be for informal use only, are being redefined as formal and glamorous. Whether worn as one long simple braid or several incorporated into an updo they will be hot trend in the spring.

And, let’s not forget the men in the bridal party. Not much to say except that there we’ll be seeing a comeback of the bow tie.

Wedding cakes continue to be in the reception spotlight. Brides are reflecting their themes in their cakes and will be selecting cakes with soft ruffles and frills, a splash of color for drama.

Today’s tech-savvy couples enmeshed in technology will be using it as a theme for their wedding. Wedding apps, mobile devices, and technology will be factors in planning and executing their weddings. We’ll also be seeing an increase in the use of bistro lighting to create an intimate, magical reception space and look for an increase in the use of marquees at receptions, along with other unique lighting.

The hot pick for 2014 is dramatic venue locations whose decor is opulent, glamorous and architecturally exciting. In extreme contrast, rustic locations will still be the most popular for 2014. Barn weddings, farms, ranches and some historic sites will be in demand. Bridal couples will be leaning toward ceremonies in Mother Nature’s back yard. Outside in woodland areas, gardens, gazebos in the countryside, or inside with large panoramic-view windows, couples want to be a part of nature, especially during their ceremonies. That theme will be carried into the décor by using “natural” products such as burlap, wicker, logs, and wild flowers. All this fits right into the eco-friendly options that are increasing in popularity amongst bridal couples.

Also popular will be the artsy venue and the use of edgy architecture detail. The décor will include bright colored geometric designs. Flowers will match in bright colors and particularly artistic floral designs. Popular venues to carry through this theme will be art museum, galleries, or venues with modern edgy architecture. The layout of the room itself will carry through the theme with a layout of tables and food that also include fun shapes and artistry.